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How to Create a Realistic Tree – Part 1

In this first part of the tree tutorial series, learn how to use the sapling addon to produce a realistic 3D tree model.   Final Result (of all three parts):    

How to Create a Fantasy Weapon – Part 1 (Modeling)

  Here’s the start of a new tutorial series!  Hopefully two more parts to be released after this (one for lighting/background setup, and one for shading/post-processing).   Final result of this part:     I’ve decided to start incorporating .blends whenever available, so here’s the finished .blend

How to Create Hydrothermal Vents – Part 1

  Hope you enjoy the new tutorial series!  This first part covers the creation of the mesh and shader of the vent itself, and touches on the smoke simulation as well.  Next week’s part will cover the smoke shaders and scene composition.   I got the rock

How to Create a Microscopic Image

Hello!  Hope you’re doing well today  Sorry for the long break in tutorials; this holiday season lasted a bit longer for me than usual, including visits with family and whatnot.  From this week on, I plan on releasing a new tutorial every week (though the day may

How to Create a Christmas Tree in Blender – Part 4

Hello, and welcome to the final part of the Christmas tree tutorial series!  I plan on recording one more bonus part that should be posted on Monday.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this series!   The final result:  

How to Create a Christmas Tree in Blender – Part 1

Hope you’re doing well this holiday season  Here’s the first part of the Christmas tree tutorial series, covering the creation of the tree using the Sapling addon.