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How to Create the Sun

  In this tutorial, learn how to create the sun – or any main sequence star – in Blender!   The final result:   I hope you learn something from this tutorial, and I’d love to see your results!

How to Create a Fantasy Weapon – Part 2 (Background and Lighting)

  Here’s the second part of the tutorial!   Hope you learn something from it!   Fantasy Weapon – Part 2 finished .blend file (850 KB)   Final Result of this part of the tutorial:  

How to Create Hydrothermal Vents – Part 2

  Here’s the other part for the two-part tutorial series on creating hydrothermal vents in Blender.  Hope you learn something from it!   Final Result:   CG Textures has some good sand/dirt textures for the area surrounding the vents. Blender HD Tutorial on adding shaders to smoke

How to Create a Microscopic Image

Hello!  Hope you’re doing well today  Sorry for the long break in tutorials; this holiday season lasted a bit longer for me than usual, including visits with family and whatnot.  From this week on, I plan on releasing a new tutorial every week (though the day may

How to Create a Christmas Tree in Blender – Part 4

Hello, and welcome to the final part of the Christmas tree tutorial series!  I plan on recording one more bonus part that should be posted on Monday.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this series!   The final result:  

How to Create a Christmas Tree in Blender – Part 3

…And the 3rd part is here!  Sorry about the length; I practiced the techniques in this tutorial a couple times before I recorded it, but a few unexpected problems came up (primarily the curve modifier issue).  The next part of the tutorial series will cover the base