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How to Create a Galaxy

  In this tutorial, learn how to create a spiral galaxy using particle systems, force fields, volumetrics, and some compositing at the end.   Final result of this tutorial:  

How to Create a Realistic Tree – Part 3

In this final part of the tree tutorial series, learn how to simulate the effects of gravity on the leaves.    

How to Create Hydrothermal Vents – Part 1

  Hope you enjoy the new tutorial series!  This first part covers the creation of the mesh and shader of the vent itself, and touches on the smoke simulation as well.  Next week’s part will cover the smoke shaders and scene composition.   I got the rock

How to Create a Christmas Tree in Blender – Part 3

…And the 3rd part is here!  Sorry about the length; I practiced the techniques in this tutorial a couple times before I recorded it, but a few unexpected problems came up (primarily the curve modifier issue).  The next part of the tutorial series will cover the base